Get Glam with Gret: Happy New Year

Gretta Peters


Gretta Peters


Get Glam with Gret: Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to the start of another amazing year ahead! Welcome 2020, can you even believe the digits that we have arrived in?

After the Christmas splurge everyone is looking for fresh starts and fitness will be top of the pile! Shifting those extra holiday pounds is often hard to do but keeping it simple is the best way in my opinion to start.

Walking is the easiest, natural exercise to do and it’s great for the mind too. I walk almost everyday and walk for about an hour or more. You’ll soon see your steps clocking up and being outside in nature is great for the body and the mind! Walking is the perfect exercise to get you going, and you could even incorporate a little jogging when you feel brave enough!

Setting goals for 2020 will also be on top of people’s lists, from booking holidays to home renovations everyone loves to plan their year ahead. We as a nation love to set plans to look forward to over the coming months and there’s nothing like booking that much needed R&R time!

Looking ahead to trends for 2020, pantone blue is this year's colour of the moment. It’s one I personally love and I think it’s a colour that suits a lot of skin tones. From interiors to fashion we will see it throughout the year a lot and I’m only too delighted to add it to my wardrobe!

In other trends frills, polka dots, suits and metalics will keep our fashion trends on point this year! Some won’t be for the fainthearted but always choose the trends that suit your style rather than choosing a trend that may not suit!

Whatever your plans for 2020 are enjoy it, be safe and be happy!

Chat next week!

Lots of love,
Gretta Xxx