Roscrea RSPCA hit hard by cancelled events

Leanne Donegan


Leanne Donegan


Roscrea RSPCA hit hard by cancelled events

Pete, a male lurcher recently rescued by Roscrea SPCA. The RSPCA are currently looking for a permanent home for him

Roscrea Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have suffered significant financial losses due to Covid 19.

Speaking on this, the Chairperson of Roscrea SPCA Helen Walshe said: “We have been unable to raise funds due to the cancellation of our fundraising events.

“We depend on these funds to provide for the medical and dietary needs of the animals rescued. We have loyal supporters, and we are so grateful for every donation.”

The organisation’s scheduled fundraising events, such as their annual pop-up shop and meet-and greets have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

“Other than our grant from the Department of Food, Agriculture and Marine, we are completely dependent on public donations”, added Ms Walshe.

The organisation set up in 1995 aims to help vulnerable animals in the local area.

When asked about their work, Ms Walshe said: “We are a group of individuals on a mission to protect the welfare of animals.

“We aim to educate the public on the importance of neutering and microchipping their animals.”

All work done by the organisation is on a voluntary basis. They regularly rescue and foster at-risk animals, before finding them suitable permanent homes.

Ms Walshe, who has been chairperson of the RSPCA for the past year added, the members of Roscrea SPCA dedicate their time and their resources. They do not receive any personal financial gain but are committed to helping animals in need.

According to local supporter of the RSPCA Patrice Furlong, the RSPCA is an extremely important organisation.

“The RSPCA is instrumental in providing care and protection for vulnerable and abandoned animals”, Ms Furlong said.

Ms Furlong received assistance from the RSPCA last year, after she discovered an abandoned dog, speaking on this experience she said: “The dog was saved successfully with help of the RSPCA. She received top care and was nurtured back to full health.”

Ms Furlong added: “Donations and public support are extremely important to a voluntary organisation like the RSPCA. It enables them to continue their very important work.”

Further information on the RSPCA and on how to donate can be found on their website,