Keith Barry set to hypnotize people in Clonmel

Dylan White


Dylan White


“2016 has been a bit mental,” laughs world-renowned performer Keith Barry.

“It was amazing watching Ireland beat the All-Blacks. I spent some time around the team before the second match and [the atmosphere] was great,” the hypnotist, mentalist and brain hacker tells The Nationalist.

Keith says President-elect Donald Trump used hypnotic techniques to win the American election.

“What people don’t realise is that 90% of communication is non-verbal and Donald Trump used hidden persuaders to get America to vote for him. He had people in the background advising him on everything, from what to say to what colour tie to wear.

“Obama wore a blue tie for the first nine days of his presidential election campaign to show empathy with American people, before wearing a red tie on the tenth day.  Trump wore a red tie from the beginning, a sign of power and that he wanted complete dominance,” the Waterford man suggests.

Keith says he can’t wait to bring his “most interactive” show yet to the Clonmel Park Hotel on Thursday, February 9. “Expect mentalism, magic and all sorts of brain hacking in the first half of Hypno Magick at the Clonmel Park Hotel. I will be turning the camera on the audience and doing a mass hypnosis with hilarious results guaranteed.

“The second half of Hypno Magick is a full hypnosis show. About 100 audience members will be brought up on stage and will have their minds hacked or be hypnotised. I’ll have them doing all sorts of hilarious and outlandish stuff,” he smiles.

Keith is also doing a number of one day seminars over the coming months, starting with Stop Smoking Now at Carton House in Maynooth this Saturday, December 3. He aims to help the nation overcome everyday problems using his unique brain hacking and hypnosis techniques, with seminars planned for 2017 on overcoming fears and phobias and weight loss.

“I will be filming Now You See Me 3 next summer, I’ve just started filming You’re Back In The Room for Fox, and there are talks ongoing about doing some TV work in Australia, so exciting times ahead,” he adds.

Tickets for Hypno Magick at the Clonmel Park Hotel on Thursday, February 9, can be got by contacting 052-618 8700 or on