WATCH: Local Tipperary men talk hot qualities in a woman

Dylan White


Dylan White


Whether it’s legs that go on for days, a lovable personality, other lust worthy assets or more refined qualities, most men have ‘a type’.

“I always wanted to get with the hottest girls when I was in my twenties,” admits Brian (31, business executive).

But having battled many a tide while surfing the waves of commitment, attractiveness couldn’t be further from what Brian is looking for in a woman right now.

See what South Tipperary women find attractive in a man:

“I don’t have an exact type anymore, but I’m starting to really see qualities I like and dislike since I’ve broadened my horizons on the dating scenes,” he continues.

My journey to destination MatchSouthTipp singletons uncovered some sought after, irresistible features in a woman:

Eoin (21, customer service): “I enjoy a few pints and a bop at the weekend with the lads, so if she is ok with that I’m good to go”.

Mark (36, engineer): “Attractive, honest and sophisticated... I enjoy going to shows, restaurants and on weekends away, and surprisingly I’m struggling to find a woman around here worth settling down with”.  

Martin (57, self-employed): “I’ve been in two long term relationships and both of them ended because of money issues. I don’t earn a lot but enjoy what I do. I’ll only get into another relationship with a woman who is sincere and likes me for who I am, not what I have”.

Ciaran (22, jobseeker): “Moved home a few months ago after four years in college and I’m not keen on settling down with anyone local to be honest. Ambition, intelligence and a good sense of humour are essential for a long term relationship, but I have no real preference at the moment when he comes to a quick fix”.

Jason (31, retail): “I’d be lying if I said looks weren’t important and thankfully there are a few single good looking girls within driving distance. I’ve been laying some foundations lately and fingers crossed I should be sorted by Valentine’s”.

Dean (25, hospitality): “Sporty girls who look after their appearance are a huge turn on. Good vibes are everything”.

Gary (24, office work): “I want a girl who I can make plans with and that will laugh at my silliness”.

Michael (19, student): “From my experience, girls who get a crazy number of likes on social media are more likely to cheat. Put away the phone sweetheart, we’re on a date”.

Jack (25, fitness coach): “A positive, outgoing woman who always puts her best foot forward is enough for me. There is too much negativity out there and people going around with a chip of their shoulder”.

Graeme (46, management): “A good listener who is willing to put work into a relationship. Nothing good comes easy and we all have our flaws”.

Peter (66, retired): “If she can make a good cuppa and a roast, that will do the job”.