WATCH: Former Tipperary hurler (24) and Irish Defence Forces soldier takes up acting after landing on his feet in London

Carrick-on-Suir's Bill Walsh stars in Reese’s promotional videos



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Former Tipperary hurler and Irish Defence Forces soldier Bill Walsh is loving “the best job in the world” and has been starring in Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter promotional videos. 

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Carrick-on-Suir’s Bill has been making a name for himself in fitness and other ventures since moving to London.

The 24-year-old is a Comeragh College graduate who hurled with Carrick Swan and Tipperary’s under 21 hurlers.

Bill was left “devastated” after been dropped from the Tipperary under 21 panel, but dusted himself off and got back to the grind in 2013.

“I was never the most talented hurler in the land but I knew what I could do and I knew how hard I would work to achieve it,” Bill told Facebook followers in a passionate post.

“If you knew me from the ages of 17-22 the only thing I genuinely cared about was hurling. I ate, I slept, I trained, all things hurling. That's all I ever wanted to do or be.

“A long term goal of mine was to be one of the best and own a position at the highest of levels. It wasn't easy … it was hard but I was dedicated. I changed my body, I trained every day, I didn't drink, I didn't have takeaways on a regular basis. I had a goal, and I was dedicated and committed and nothing would stop me.

“I played the Carrick Davins in a championship match in front of thousands of people [and] scored 3-1 from play.  I was brought back in [to the Tipperary team],  scored the same 3-1 in a challenge match against Offaly and the following week I played Limerick in [the] championship and never looked back that year [2013]. 

“At the end of the championship I was nominated for the team of the year [and] I played in a Munster final. Granted I didn't win either, but for me it was a small recognition.

“I was invited to play a match with the senior Tipperary side but unfortunately I tore my hamstring. I'm not going to be here saying ‘ohhh I would have played for years and I would have been an All-Star’ because I probably wouldn't have, but I knew I would have worked like never before.  I knew my weaknesses, I knew my strengths, and I worked damn hard on the field and off the field,” Bill continued.

Bill Walsh in action for Tipperary. 

Bill started to embrace new challenges about four years ago.

“One of those things was modelling and I will be honest I'm terrible at it.  I need lots and I mean lots of instruction and direction,” he wrote in another Facebook post. 

“But it's a lot of fun, it's new, it's fresh, it's innocent, it's a laugh. But it has sparked an interest in me I knew I had but this just ramped it up ten fold.

“I was always interested in fashion and how someone looks - but now I'm interested in how a picture is taken, the location, how the backdrop will look, the style, the different brands having a certain look. It's all very interesting to me,” he highlighted. 

Dedicated Bill Walsh has big plans for the future. 

 Bill thanked “the help of great people” for allowing him to live his dreams.

“I look forward to Mondays [and] I relish the opportunity I gave myself. I thank myself everyday and appreciate what I do and who I work with. Because to me I've the best job in the world. I allowed myself to suffer for long enough.

“But it wasn't all clean sailing not by any stretch of the imagination. It was a long and still bumpy ride but it's my ride, it's my business, it's my future and to me that's all I ever wanted - a chance to do things my way,” Bill explained.

A determined Bill added: “Everything that happens in the future is a bonus - but I know where it's going [and] I'm working everyday for it".