Touching moment when Clonmel woman recalls special memory with her grandfather at Keith Barry's Magic Madhouse

Keith Barry's Magic Madhouse sold out Clonmel Park Hotel.

Dylan White


Dylan White


“Keep magical moments alive in life” were the words echoed by the phenomenal Keith Barry at sold-out Magic Madhouse in Clonmel Park Hotel last Friday night (January 12th).

Barry promised and delivered a performance where magic took centre stage, with audience interaction, fooling and banter creating a state of fever pitch.

The Waterford sensation kicked off Magic Madhouse by casting a dazzled Alan from the crowd, transforming him into a card magician with global effects.

“Every decision you make will change your life forever,” Barry told fanatics, before “changing lives for the better”.

Barry’s card wizardry and critique of the human mind held the audience spellbound, with the recollection of a precious moment Clonmel fan Kelly shared with her grandfather Jack bringing a tear to her eye.

The universal appeal of Magic Madhouse cannot be understated, with quips to capture all ages. Barry brought teenager Emma on stage for an experience she’ll never forget, before setting up a “crazy dramatic escape” for Clonmel Park Hotel enthusiasts.

Barry received a standing ovation after a palpable finale which saw him padlocked into a custom made bullet proof straight jacket with his head submerged in water.

Afterwards, he greeted Tipperary fans and thanked them for supporting his shows over the years.

“Magic Madhouse took a lot of dedication and hard work,” Barry told the Nationalist.

“I stay back after shows to meet fans out of respect for them. People pay their hard earned cash to come to my show, and I like to meet people afterwards and I enjoy it. And if I’ve been on stage three hours and people are willing to stay behind themselves because I know people have babysitters, buses to get and things like that, but if they want to stay back and get a photograph I’m always willing and obliging. It’s the least I can do,” he added.

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