WATCH: Chilling TV3 drama The Widower unmasks true story of infamous wife killer Malcolm Webster

The Widower airs on TV3 on Wednesday at 10pm.


Brand new and exclusive to TV3, The Widower is a gripping three part drama series based on true events and kicks off on Wednesday (April 25) at 10pm.

The Widower is centred on the life of Malcolm Webster, an infamous wife killer who marries, and then attempts to kill a succession of women to mask his debts and cash in on their life assurance policies.

When Claire Morris (Sheridan Smith) confronts her new husband Malcolm Webster (Reece Shearsmith) over his wild spending in episode one,  he tries to control her with sedatives. Afraid he will soon be caught, Webster silences her once and for all, staging her death to make it look like she was a victim of a tragic road accident. Three years on, he has a new bride and history appears to be repeating itself.

Webster, supposedly devastated by the loss of his first wife, slowly begins to rebuild his life with the help of Felicity, a vivacious New Zealander who helps him find love again. But on their wedding night she feels groggy and for the next year suffers from unexplained blackouts which only stop when she falls pregnant with their son, before resuming after he's born.

This chilling true story tells how Felicity pieces small clues together before finally realising that the death of Webster's first wife in a car crash might not have been an accident after all. After he disappears and resurfaces in Scotland, Felicity begins a desperate race against time to try and convince Scottish Police that her husband is in fact a cold blooded killer already lining up wife number three.

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