Cahir Park Golf Club Golden Jubilee Pro-Am

They're having a great day today at the Cahir Park Golden Jubilee Pro-Am

Top professionals tackle pristine Suirside golf course

By Maria Taylor


By Maria Taylor


The Club was a hive of activity today as over 53 professional Golfers turned up to take part in the day’s activities. There they met up with their teams and practiced while they could. There was a great crowd also attended and the car park was full and even the road outside was packed up by lunch time. The weather held as the first lot of teams sat down to a hearty lunch and there was plenty of friendly banter going on at lunch tables too.

The beautiful 18 hole course looked pristine despite the recent warm weather and judging by player’s accounts it was a dream to play on too. Crowds gathered by the 1st Tee off to watch teams start and each player received a round of applause after teeing off!  There is a presentation after dinner tonight to the winning team.

It was a great achievement for the Club, Captains, Presidents and Committee to say the least and well done to all involved.