Slideshow: Tipperary teenagers start making plans for the future

Careers Night at Rockwell College



Rockwell College students got the opportunity to explore different work paths at Careers Night recently.
Most of the Tipperary professionals who volunteered their time and knowledge on the night were past Rockwell College students.
“Feedback from the students has been excellent,” Rockwell College career guidance counsellor Orla Cremin told South Tipp Today.
“They found it very beneficial as they gained a further insight into different pathways into their chosen careers. Students also highlighted that it was perfect timing to think about other possible career areas, especially with the CAO deadline looming.
“On a personal note we are very grateful that people took time out of their busy lives and careers to meet and speak to our students,” Orla added.
Volunteers at Careers Night included The Nationalist and South Tipp Today’s Dylan White (journalism), Brian Morrissey (medicine, general practice and health sciences), Conor Durack (dentistry and health sciences), Cillian Balfe (law, solicitor practice and business), Brian Kavanagh (engineering and design practice), Lynda Kelly (policing, criminology and psychology), Enda Shine (agricultural food business, agricultural science, economics and nutrition), EmmyLou Flores (computer science and information technology at the University of Limerick), David J. Butler (geography, history, arts, humanities and social sciences at University College Cork), and Monica Kennedy (primary teaching).
“The students had a great variety, with several more tables to attend at than last year, and the novel addition of secondary, as well as primary, topics to discuss, placed on the wall notices,” Dr. David J. Butler concluded.