How do Tipperary people feel about Valentine's Day? Survey reveals that 61% of us in a relationship will celebrate it


1% of adults in Ireland  who are in a relationship will celebrate Valentine’s Day, a new iReach Insights survey reveals.

iReach Insights nationally representative survey asked 1,000 adults for their opinion on Valentine’s Day, how they spend the day of love and who would be their favourite celebrity date.

60% of people will celebrate Valentine’s day with dinner, 24% will stay in and watch a movie, and 17% will order a takeaway. Just half (52%) of people in Ireland are going to buy something for their partner (58% males and 46% females).

58% of men and 46% of women living in Ireland will buy a present for their partner. Top gifts include cards (52%), chocolates (34%), flowers (33%), aftershave/perfume (14%) and wine/champagne (9%).

Almost three-quarters (73%) of people in Ireland are currently in a relationship. 13% of adults in Ireland have forgotten about Valentine’s Day when they were in a relationship. The top most annoying habits on a dinner date are:  1. Being on the phone (64%), 2. Being Rude to waiting staff (60%) 3. Talking about their ex (57%), 4. Bad manners (54%), 5. Forgetting their name (39%).

29% of people in Ireland state they are a fan of Valentine’s Day and 71% aren’t. The top three reasons people like Valentine’s Day are: 1. Good reminder to appreciate your relationship (58%), 2. Nice day to think about your partner (56%), 3. It celebrates love (50%). The top three reasons people don’t like Valentine’s Day are: 1. Too commercialised (79%), 2. Everything is overpriced (45%), 3. Not special (31%).

Nevertheless, 61% of us in a relationship will celebrate Valentine’s Day anyway. Although 71% of us don’t like Valentine’s Day, 61% of us in a relationship will still celebrate it. Of those of us who aren’t in a relationship, one in five (20%) will celebrate Valentine Day anyway. This figure has almost doubled in the past 12 months with only 11% of singletons celebrating it last year.

People also identified their perfect Valentine’s dates. Amongst the men are: 1. Liam Neeson (23%), 2. Jamie Dornan (22%), 3. Colin Farrell (12%). Amongst the women are: 1. Amy Huberman (22%), 2. Saoirse Ronan (19%), Laura Whitmore (19%).

Favourite celebrity couples include Brian O’Driscoll and Amy Huberman (27%), followed by Michael D. and Sabine Higgins (17%), and Daniel and Majella O’Donnell (11%).

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