'Eating for two is a myth': Clonmel fitness expert explains the benefits of exercising during pregnancy

Clonmel Park Hotel Leisure Club assistant manager Evan McGuire on exercising during pregnancy.




Clonmel Park Hotel Leisure Club assistant manager Evan McGuire has been working at the renowned leisure club the past seven and half years and has vast experience across all aspects of the fitness industry.

Evan explains the benefits of exercising during pregnancy.

All round benefits

Improves your mood, improves your posture, and promotes muscle tone, strength and endurance. It helps you sleep better and regular activity helps keep you fit during pregnancy. It may also improve your ability to cope with labour. Exercising during pregnancy makes it easier to get back into shape after the birth of your baby.


It is recommended that you at least exercise 3-4 days a week for 20 minutes. The most important thing is to be active and get the blood flowing. You will know your own limits.


For most women moderate intensity exercise is the most appropriate way. Women who are unfit should engage in some light exercise. Using a ‘talk test’ is a test we use for most of our clients that are pregnant (you should be able to hold a conversation without any difficulty while exercising). Women who have been regularly active before their pregnancy can continue with exercise into their pregnancy.


It is recommended to train for a least 20 minutes or more a day or 100 minutes a week depending on the level of fitness and intensity. Time can be shortened if your level of fitness is very low.


Low impact exercise such as swimming, cycling, walking and yoga are great ways to exercise during pregnancy as you are not putting strain on your body. Resistance training can be done depending on your fitness level. If you have been doing resistance training before your pregnancy it is ok to continue but if you are a new to resistance training make sure you are well supervised by a trainer and use weights machines to control range of movement. Resistance training should include a 5-10 minutes warm up, 20 minutes of resistance and 5-10 minutes cool down. Perform resistance exercise for 1-3 sets with 10-15 repetition.


Eating for two is a myth! Only eat your normal calorie intake until the last trimester and then up it by 300-500 calories. Eat plenty of fruit during pregnancy - a good source of vitamins and minerals. Avoid caffeine, raw or uncooked meats, soft cheese and try avoid fish which is high in mercury.

Exercises to avoid during pregnancy

It is recommended to avoid any contact sports. For example, activities where falling may occur. Ball sports, tennis and gymnastics. Exercises that requires you to jump, hop or skip. Bouncing while stretching. Exercising in hot or humid weather. Do not exercise to the point of exhaustion. Do not hold your breath.

Contact us

For more information and advice on exercise and fitness speak with the experts at Clonmel Park Hotel Leisure Club on 052-6188733 or email leisurecentre@clonmelparkhotel.com.

Clonmel Park Hotel Leisure Club wish you all the best during your term and a healthy and prosperous life for you both.

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