Liam Sheedy's All-Ireland champions visit Tipperary girl (1) with cancer at Temple Street

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An Emly girl (1) with a very rare skin condition and her parents enjoyed a memorable visit from the All-Ireland-winning Tipperary hurlers on Monday morning. 

Eve Creamer along with her parents Sabrina and Robbie were thrilled when the Tipperary team and manager Liam Sheedy stopped off at Temple Street Children's University Hospital.

Eve is battling an incurable condition called congenital melanocytic nevus. This rare gene mutation meant she was born with more than half her body covered in moles and birthmarks, and six days later tests showed that this condition was also on her brain and spine. Further tests revealed that Eve's condition was cancerous. Read the full story here

See Eve the warrior Princess Facebook page for information on fundraisers and events.