'Shelliky-Booky Land' looks at life in Clonmel 35 years ago

'Shelliky-Booky Land' book launch in Clonmel

Kids checking out the new Clonmel story collection ‘Shelliky-Booky Land’ at St. Patrick’s Well.

Just in time for Christmas, ‘Shelliky-Booky Land’ slides home to the town that inspired this collection of short stories. The book will be officially launched at Clonmel Library on Wednesday 7th December at 7pm. Local performers will assist the author, Newcastle’s Louise Garcia, in bringing some of the book’s scenes and dialogue to life. Retro-themed refreshments are also promised to chime with the book’s setting of South Tipperary in the early eighties.

‘Shelliky-Booky Land’ weaves abundant detail of life in Clonmel 35 years ago with original fictional narrative. Readers experience the town and locations like St. Patrick’s Well and the Comeraghs through the eyes of six different children. The book will provide enjoyment to people aged 8 to 108 but will be particularly treasured by those who love South Tipperary and have an interest in local social history.

‘Shelliky-Booky Land’ will jog the memories of older folk and open the eyes of the young to a world where children played outside all day, were never short of companions and had a level of freedom unknown today.

All are welcome to come to the book launch. ‘Shelliky-Booky Land’ can be found on the shelves of local libraries, at the Bookmarket in Market Place and in The Late Late Store in Irishtown.