LIT Thurles designs new unique degree course to meet the needs of “in demand” data analytic jobs






LIT Thurles designs new unique degree course to meet the needs of “in demand” data analytic jobs

Dr Liam Noonan

Tipperary’s All Ireland Winning Inter County Hurlers with GPS systems on their backs and hurleys in their hands were pucking out an average of 100 pieces of data per second this Summer, or more than 420,000 units of data per match.
It is not just the hurlers that create useful data however - everything from the fridge to the phone, car to credit card, heating system to the television set is producing data.
And while the Tipperary hurling team was busy analysing the opposition’s data and successfully strategising accordingly this Summer, LIT Thurles was developing a unique course to meet the growing demand for highly skilled data analysts in Ireland.
Aware that Ireland will need to create 21,000 data jobs by 2020 just to weather the onslaught of a data tsunami coming our way, LIT Thurles has designed and introduced a new unique honours degree course - BSc Honours Data Analytics & Cyber Security.
The course, which will only be available in one college and one campus in Ireland from September - LIT Thurles, has been designed by LIT lecturers including Data Analyst & Cyber Security expert Dr Liam Noonan, who has decades of experience working with data and computer programming.
Dr Noonan, who is also Programme Leader of Data Analytics & Cyber Security at LIT, said the training of new data analysts must go beyond the collection and analysis of data and meet the ever changing needs of industry.
He said, “Our new generation of programmers need to be able to write software that can extract useful information from the ever growing amount of data available. But their skill set cannot stop there. They must also be able to store data safely, ensure it remains secure and that it stands up to the legislation of different jurisdictions - including GDPR.”

The Level 8 BSc in Data Analytics and Cyber Security course has been designed by LIT lecturers Programme Leader of Data Analytics & Cyber Security at LIT, Dr Liam Noonan. Dr Noonan is based in the Thurles Campus

It is not just Dr Noonan and LIT that are preparing for the demand for a cyber security workforce that is expected to rise to 6 million globally this year, industry leaders are also on the look out for highly skilled data analysts and cyber security experts.
Connie O’Doherty, Vice President EMEA Cyber Coordination Centre said of the the new B.Sc Hons Computing in Data Analytics and Cyber Security course at LIT Thurles, “The course is varied, interesting and covers topics that are very relevant in the marketplace now. I think the content and delivery method, including project work and work placement will make this an enjoyable course for the student and prepare them well for the move to industry once their academic pursuits are complete. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending this course, its graduates should be highly sought after for a variety of roles across a broad range of sectors.”

“Graduates from this course will be in high demand and be rewarded with challenging but exciting careers.” - Garry Mannering, Three Ireland

Garry Mannering, Head of Revenue Assurance and Risk Management Three Ireland added his recommendation by saying, “The biggest technological challenges facing businesses today are mitigating cyber based threats and translating mountains of data into meaningful actionable information. LIT’s BSc in Data Analytics and Cyber Security is uniquely positioned to produce mature professionals educated to a very high standard. Graduates from this course will be in high demand and be rewarded with challenging but exciting careers.”
Dr Noonan added, “At LIT we pride ourselves in engaging with business and industry to meet demands and educate a highly skilled and employable workforce. With a projected shortfall in the cyber security and data analysis workforce of 1.5 million worldwide and a significant skills shortage in this profession in Ireland graduates of this course will be highly skilled for the current workforce and therefore highly employable. There is in fact over an 8 % growth in demand for more data analysts in Ireland. We therefore needs to create 21,000 jobs in data by 2020.”
According to the World Economic Forum, Data Analysts are expected to be in the “Top Ten Jobs in Demand” by 2020.
“At LIT we have developed a degree that will give the students the skills to turn data into information, and information into insights. These valuable insights can then be applied by users as diverse as sports’ managers and coaches, scientists and industry leaders, governments and state agencies to make informed decisions,” he said.
The Data Analytics & Cyber Security degree at LIT will enrol its first students as part of the current CAO process.
For more information visit http://www.lit.ie/Courses/LC414/default.aspx

Level 8 BSc in Data Analytics and Cyber Security.
Programme Code: LC414.
Duration: 4 years including Work Placement.

The programme aims to produce industry-ready graduates who are knowledgeable in the processes, practice and implementation of secure and scalable software that leverage data analytics. Graduates will be equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the critical aspects of data analytics and information security, including but not limited to software design and development, data mining, data visualisation, distributed data systems, secure cloud services, and cyber security.
Students will explore a variety of computer languages, data mining and analysis techniques, security principles and models and will acquire the necessary knowledge to adapt to the changing nature of the industry throughout their careers.
This programme has been developed with local companies to target opportunities in the Software Services, Sports Performance Analysis, Financial services, Agri-food, Pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.
LIT Thurles Open Day takes place this Saturday, November 23 from 11am-1pm. All are welcome.