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Thurles Credit Union

Thurles Credit Union

Thurles Credit Union, like all businesses serving the community during this pandemic, has had to take stringent measures to continue assisting our members with their financial needs. We have been able to do so with the help of all our staff and  the cooperation and help of the members themselves. 

All the necessary safety precautions have been in place since the initial lockdown and we are entirely satisfied that Thurles Credit Union, with branch offices in Killenaule and Urlingford, is a very safe place to visit for all your financial needs.

In the interest of public safety and having regard to the Government restrictions which are in place and likely to remain so at some level for some time, Thurles Credit Union wishes to advise its members that it has had to defer its 2020 AGM. 

The health and safety of our members must at all times come first and we must respect the current restrictions in place to help protect us all.

Thurles Credit Union has traditionally hosted its AGM in December, as have many others around the country, but this tradition will not be possible for most credit unions this year. 

Thurles Credit Union is very mindful of the difficulties and the challenges that Covid-19 has presented, in addition to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. 

The focus therefore over the coming months will be on strengthening our reserves and managing the risks that the pandemic and Brexit continue to present.  To assist in doing this, we have taken the recommendations of our financial advisors and key stakeholders and like most credit unions in the country will not be in a position to pay a dividend or loan interest rebate this year. 

Instead, our focus will be on building our reserves and provisions which is a prudent decision especially with so much uncertainty around the pandemic and Brexit.

We appreciate that postponement of the a.g.m. will be disappointing but perhaps not unexpected news to our members. We also know that our members would certainly expect us to be prudent and follow good guidance in terms of maintaining our financial stability by way of strengthening our reserves. 

We look forward hopefully to much better circumstances in 2021 and we would encourage all our members to continue to support their local credit union. 

It is expected that the 2020 AGM will take place in the early months of 2021.  Members will be given advance notice of the date and time in due course.

On a final note, Thurles Credit Union would like to thank all its members for their support this year.  We all know it has been a year like no other, and, as an essential service, we were happy to play our part by remaining open and strengthening our position at the heart of the community that we serve daily.

Happy Christmas to all our members. Please shop local and borrow local if possible and best wishes to everyone for 2021.

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