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Online mart sales continue to provide a lifeline as we enter busy Spring sales season






Online mart sales continue to provide a lifeline as we enter busy Spring sales season

As Covid-19 cases remain high throughout the country and level 5 restrictions remain in place,  online marts continue to play a crucial role in sustaining farming life.

Building on experience  from previous lockdowns, marts will continue to operate the drop and go systems that were  introduced successfully in 2020.

Farmers and dealers will only be able to buy stock via online  sales platforms.  

Michael Fogarty CEO from Templemore Credit Union, speaking on behalf of Cultivate, commented, “Trading of cattle peaks in the Spring and Autumn. We have members of our  Credit Union who use the Cultivate working capital facility for stock loans. Our members find  this a suitable way to finance the purchase of stock for their cattle enterprise. Quick  turnaround and ease of access are two of the reasons farmers are choosing Cultivate loans.” 

While many sectors have been suspended due to Covid-19, agriculture has shown an ability  to adapt and the integration of online marts into their ways of working have facilitated  continued trade.

As spring calving gets under way, there is expected to be a large volume of  calves to be sold through marts in the coming weeks and months so systems and processes  will be tested.

Along with calves there will be a very significant trade in store cattle for farmers  who purchase cattle for summer grazing.  

Brian King CEO from Thurles Credit Union, commented further on the ability of farmers to  continue to work through the Covid-19 pandemic, “Farming is an essential service, and it is a  testament to the farmers in County Tipperary who have continued to work through this very  difficult time. Thurles and Templemore Credit Unions work very closely together and provide  Cultivate loans specifically tailored for farmers who are looking to develop their farm or  purchase stock. Together we want to play our part in helping farmers in County Tipperary to  navigate these difficult times.” 

To find out more how your local credit union can help you please give them a call and/or  check out www.templemorecu.ie  and www.thurlescu.ie