'Danger zone': Man 'known' for cannabis use before Tipperary court




'Danger zone': Man 'known' for cannabis use before Tipperary court

Cashel District Court

A man found in possession of a “worthless” amount of cannabis herb has received a suspended sentence.

Germans Undruls of 8 Lower Abbey Street, Cahir was before Cashel District Court on a Section 3 possession of drugs charge.

Sergeant Carol O’Leary said that on December 15, 2018, at 9.10pm gardaí observed the defendant at Top Oil, Cahir. A search under the Misuse of Drugs Act was carried out and €10 worth of cannabis herb was found.

Sgt O’Leary said the defendant has four previous convictions, three of which were for the misuse of drugs.

Defence solicitor Colin Morrissey said his client, 27, is “known” in Cahir for cannabis use. His client has been living in Ireland since the age of 12 and works in a supermarket warehouse.

His client doesn’t drink or use other substances, and uses cannabis recreationally.

The solicitor said the amount of cannabis found was “worthless”, albeit he conceded that his client is in the “danger zone” with the court for his cannabis use.

Judge Terence Finn questioned whether the defendant had informed his employer about his “addiction”, to which Mr Morrissey replied that his client “doesn’t believe it’s an addiction”.

Noting a “persistent use” of cannabis, Judge Finn sentenced the defendant to three months of imprisonment, suspended on a Section 99 bond for a period of two years. He also imposed a fine of €600 to be paid within six months.