Cattle attacked by dogs in Tipperary - plea to dog owners

Cow and calf injured near Fethard

Injured calf after dog attack near Fethard

Injured calf as the result of a ‘dog attack’ near Jesuits Walk in Fethard on Sunday morning last.

We’ve received reports of a ‘dog attack’ on a cow and calf near Jesuits Walk in Fethard on Sunday morning last.  This can only happen when dogs are roaming unattended, either straying from their homes or from whoever is walking them. Either way it’s totally unacceptable that animals should be attacked by uncontrolled dogs at any time or place.

We appeal to all dog owners who use the wonderful walks and river walks in Fethard to keep their dogs under control, at home or on walks, and be also prepared to ‘clean-up’ after any dog fouling by bringing along a bag.  Of course, some dog owners put their dog’s excrement in a plastic bag and then drop it on the ground rather than dispose of it properly. Other dog owners simply allow their dogs to run amok and defecate anywhere they choose, before walking away, leaving it there.

It’s time we acted responsible to both these issues immediately and help make Fethard a safer place for humans and animals alike.