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Tipperary County Council to adopt €139 m budgetary spend for 2017

Annual Estimates meeting from Nenagh Chamber presents challenging budgets

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Joe MacGrath

Chief Executive Officer of Tipperary County Council, Mr Joe MacGrath.

Members of Tipperary County Council are today being asked to approve spending of €138,876,599 for 2017 at the annual Estimates meeting in Nenagh today. There is likely to be opposition to the Budget however,despite the fact that the commercial rate will remain the same.

Tipperary County Council are considering the spending of almost €139 million this morning in 2017 as discussions on the annual Estimates meeting take place in Nenagh.

The Budget, presented by Chief Executive Officer Mr Joe MacGrath seeks to spend €28.5 million of housing and building; €39 million on roads, transportation and safety; €13.6 million on water services;€11.3 million on development management; €19.6 million on environmental services; €11.8 million on recreation and amenity; €1.3 million on agriculture, education, health and welfare; and €13.5 million on miscellaneous services.

It has been confirmed that the council will receive almost €26 million from the local property tax allocations while the commercial rate, which will not change from it's 56.77 current valuation, will yield €30.5 million.

It is expected that the Budget will be adopted by lunchtime today.