Seasonal safety advice from An Garda Siochana

Seasonal safety advice from An Garda Siochana

 Garda Seasonal Safety Advice Initiative

Last week  around the county local Gardaí made it their business to give out important seasonal safety advice to people in their locality.

Among other items, highlighted in the leaflet was information on how to stay safe on a night out. It stated that for most people the Christmas season is an enjoyable one. But unfortunately the month of December sees assaults rise by almost a third more than in January or February and peak times for assaults are weekend nights.

Research shows people are more likely to be assaulted if they have consumed alcohol with a clear correlation shown between assaults and incidents of drunkenness and most assaults tend to happen around pubs, clubs or town centres.

Garda Shane Ryan was on hand in Supervalu Cahir last

week to give seasonal safety advice to customers.

Others items where safety advice was given covered were Festive Celebrations/parties, shopping at Christmas, safe homes over Christmas with burglary facts and prevention advice, going away at Christmas and facts on alcohol consumption.

Do check out all the seasonal safety advice on and enjoy a safe happy Christmas.