Give us a gander - Tipperary's unique brand of slang

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

Give us a gander - Tipperary's unique brand of slang

Every county has its own unique brand of slang but when it comes to Tipperary it is undoubtedly the 'premier' county.

Here are just a few samples of the unique brand of Tipperary's take on life.

A face like a sow's arse - used to describe an individual with a sulky face.

As sure as God made apples - a term used to stress the honesty of a statement

Better out than yer eye - said proudly after passing wind

Cock of the walk - describes a person who thinks they're important

Crater - a term of endearment

Feckarsing - acting foolishly

Fur coat and no knickers - posh on the outside but common

Give us a gander - let me have a look

Guff - backchat

May you get an itch that'll never be scratched - a common curse

Naynagh - Nenagh

Pig Iron - trying something , knowing it probably won't work

Pisswater - a weak pint of lager

Quarehalk - an odd person

The pure solid finesht - something that is very good

Thick as a ditch - very stupid

Twasn't off the stones he licked it - behaviour that was inherited

Wagon - a nasty woman and finally

d'ould lad an' d'ould wan

- your parents