Tipperary County Council's Rural Water team visit Littleton National School






Tipperary County Council's Rural Water team visit Littleton National School

Most of the earth’s water is stored in icebergs - only 2% of water on earth is actually available for us to use!  


With this in mind, some of Tipperary County Council's Rural Water team visited Littleton on 18th May to see if we could spot an Iceberg.  


Dismayed, we learned that not since the Littletonian Warming Period (of Holocene Epoch 11,700 ) - a very, very long time ago has there been an Iceberg in Littleton.   


John Fogarty and Oliver Hogan of Ash Hill Group Water Scheme along with Roisín O'Dowd Smith and Barry Deane from the National Federation of Group Water Schemes saved the day by taking us to Ash Hill GWS pumphouse. Here we found their pump draws water 88 ft up from deep underground and its temperature was 100 on that day - considerably warmer than the water contained in an Iceberg!  


Cool, clean water is then pumped to homes and farms in Ash Hill for drinking, washing, painting, cleaning, cooking and more. It costs a great deal to clean the water so it is good for drinking and all these activities.  


Friendly, clever, and well mannered the students and staff of Littleton National School are asking you to become involved in doing all you can to keep our water quality good and to conserve water.  


A dripping tap can waste 40,000 litres a year - that would supply all of Ash Hill GWS Membership for one day!  Horrid matter from septic tanks if not emptied out regularly can make its nasty way into our water source ~ Yuch!  


So take the Littleton lead - look after water quality, conserve water ~ enjoy water safely.