Ode to Our Lady's Templemore Harty Cup winners 2017






Ode to Our Lady's Templemore Harty Cup winners 2017

Our Lady’s Templemore Harty Cup Final team

The 18th of February, this was the day

That Our Lady’s Harty Cup team set off on their way

To meet the Cork boys from the town of Fermoy

And “we can’t wait to play ball”, said one of the boys.

As the warm up begins, so does the cheers

As the people from Tipperary shouted “Come on our Harty Boys”

Rev up the gears.

The boys from Our Lady’s were “on fire” from the start,

As each of the fifteen players played with such great heart.

Score for score went up on that board

Until the final whistle

Then the crowds jumped up and roared

“Come on Our Harty Boys”

Semi-Final “here we come”

To meet the Kilkenny team

It’s up to us to bring the cup home

As it’s always been our dream.

It won’t be easy and this we know

For we will have to hit them with a blow

CBS Kilkenny will be out to win

But we will go out and hold up our chins.

Puck for puck, ball for ball,

Over they went and we did not fall.

All Ireland here we come

Said the “Harty Boys”

Kieran’s of Kilkenny going for four in a row,

This we must stop and go with the flow.

Battle for battle as we played all the way

To win all our matches and here we come today.

25th of March has come around so fast

We know what we have to do 

To skin “The Cats”.

We hear our family cheer us,

We hear the crowds galore,

As we hurl with all our hearts

To get the cup to Templemore.

And this is what we did

With plenty of tears of joy,

As Paddy lifts the “Croke Cup”

And we all say “OH BOY”.

We thank the teams that we have played,

We shake their hands with pride,

We are grateful to be the winning team

And hold our heads up high.

No words can say as proud men we stand

To our families and managers, we hold out our hand.

To thank you for being there and helping us on our way

We will forever be grateful, on this our special day.


By Mary O’Shea