Wrappin' with Rahealty National School






Wrappin' with Rahealty National School

The cheery pupils of Rahealty National School's fifth and sixth class pictured with (left to right), Adrian Smyth, Oliver Naughton, Eilis Hennessy, Class Teacher, Susan Hennelly, Roisin O'Dowd Smith

Continuing our water awareness adventures Tipperary County Council's Rural Water Team, National Federation of Group Water Schemes and Rahealty Group Water Scheme visited the good folks of Rahealty National School on 19th June.  


Sunshine and smiles abounded as we encountered a cheery, water conscious bunch. Rahealty GWS provides water to 150 Members through 20KM of watermain.  The borehole at Ballyduag Pumphouse goes 365 ft below ground - one foot for every day of the year!  


Focused on good citizenship, progressing to Secondary School, hurling, rugby, camogie, football and holidays, the rhythm of life in Rahealty is vibrant.  


We were so pleased to see Rahealty NS pickled with reminders to save, conserve and value water.  Students here are doing their bit for water appreciation and encourage us all to wrap our arms around our water supply - wherever we are.  


Here is their Rahealty RAP: 

"Water Quality excellent it's gotta be, between you 'n me

that's what we got in Rahealty!

We've got a Group Scheme - a really good team,     

they provide our H2O  - get paid no dough.

Listen one 'n all for conservation stand tall, 

work with us short 'n tall - if water's leaking make that call.

Shower for an hour? Come on you make me glower!

Use your shower timer - water usage will be minor!

Birds, bees 'n trees - even yous and mes 

we're beggin' on our knees your help we need it please.

Wrap your arms around our water,     must'nt stumble must'nt falter,

Don't scrap it, don't slop it  - we must be careful of it.

Wrap it in Rahealty, RAP it in Rahealty, 

Rapid Rahealty - WRAP IT".