Tipperary people are older than the national average - Census

Women older than men in the Premier County

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher



Tipperary people are older than the national average - Census

The average age of Tipperary people is slightly older than the national average, according to new figures released this week by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The average age of Tipperary’s population in April 2016 was 38.6 years, an increase of 1.2 years since 2011. This stands in comparison to the national average of  37.4 years, up by 1.3 years since 2011.

Other highlights concerning Tipperary in the “Profile 3 - An Age Profile of Ireland,” released on Thursday, show that those living in urban areas in the county were on average 1.4 years younger than those in rural areas. Nationally, the average age in rural areas was 2.4 years higher than that in urban areas. The average urban Tipperary person is aged 37.8 years, while their average rural counterpart is 39.2 years old.

Furthermore the average Tipperary male is 38.1 years old, while the average woman in the Premier County is 39.2 years old. This is older than the rest of Munster, 37.6 and 38.7 respectively.

In common with the rest of the country, the numbers in the pre-school and young adult cohorts fell in Tipperary, with the county’s percentage decline in both groups being higher than that seen nationally. The county also recorded a decline of 2.0% in the adults age group, compared to a 1.9% increase at national level. While the numbers in the remaining age groups increased, the county’s percentage increases were well below those nationally.  

In terms of age dependency - that’s the measure of the extent to which the young (aged 0-14) and older (age 65 and over) populations are dependent on the population of working age people, defined as those aged 15 to 64 years - Tipperary has a dependency rate of 57.8%, meaning that the number of young and older people together were equal to 57.8% of the total number of working age people. This was well above the national rate of 52.7%, and Munster (54.5%). Tipperary’s young people form 33.7% of the dependant population here, while the ‘old’ form 24.1%.

To view Profile 3 An Age Profile of Ireland, visit the CSO website at www.cso.ie/en/census