Tipperary thieves thwarted after quick thinking postman scares off burglars

Niamh Dillon


Niamh Dillon



Tipperary thieves thwarted after quick thinking postman scares off burglars

A quick thinking Tipperary postman scared off would-be intruders after shouting that he had a shotgun when they attempted to break into his family home.

Declan Ryan from Hollyford heard the burglars outside his home while they attempted to break in through his bedroom window on Wednesday night.

Mr Ryan said he heard footsteps outside his house followed by the burglars attempting to force open a bedroom window with a crowbar.

Deciding he had to act quickly a panicked Mr Ryan shouted at the thieves that he had a shotgun and he “wasn’t afraid to use it.”

Speaking on Tipp Fm Mr Ryan said he shouted: “I have a shotgun here and I’m not afraid to use it. You better get out of here,” adding that luckily the men took his words seriously and “scattered.”

Mr Ryan immediately called Tipperary town Garda Station and a garda from Cappawhite Garda Station arrived at the scene within 10 minutes.

However Mr Ryan said the garda attended the scene in his own private vehicle as there was no patrol car available.  

“He had no patrol car to come up to me so he came up in his own private car. When I saw a car pulling up outside and it wasn't a Garda car, I said, 'Who in the name of God is this?"

"But luckily enough he made himself known when he got out of the car but I just thought it was disgraceful that they haven't got squad cars to provide for emergencies like that,” he explained.

Gardai are investigating the attempted break-in and have appealed to anyone who saw suspicious activity in the Hollyford area on Wednesday evening to contact Tipperary Garda Station at (062) 51212.

The attempted raid comes less than a week after a brutal attack on a farmer on the North Tipperary/Offaly border.