Litter louts are 'destroying rural landscape'

Litter louts are 'destroying rural landscape'

Litter along the side of a Tipperary road

The last few storms have blown off whatever leaves and deciduous foliage was grimly hanging on. Hence the views into roadside ditches and dykes are much clearer now.

Unfortunately as we walk, cycle or drive around the byroads of our community one thing is very very clear, the litter louts are very much alive and well and happily destroying and maiming our lovely rural landscape with their odious behavior and complete and utter disregard for you, me or any of the many responsible and civic minded people throughout this community who dutifully make sure that any of the garbage and recyclables we all produce is collected by licenced  waste collectors and disposed in a proper way , a service we pay dearly for but know it is the right thing to do!

You really have to ask yourself what is the mindset of these litter louts. Most people  usually try to do the right thing as they pass through this life, yet these people who are obviously completely devoid of any sense of civic responsibility continue on their merry way and dump whenever and wherever they please.

We have great groups of volunteers as well as CE schemes and individuals trying to keep the villages and environs of the countryside tidy and full of biodiversity and surely it is time to set about identifying who these people are. If you have any information on these blights on our society please let either the County Council or the Gardaí know and help claim back our naturally beautiful countryside.

Remember, Irelands 40 shades of green are supposed to be foliage not plastic, metals, dirty nappies etc.