Two Tipp homes are finalists in Ireland's Most Christmassy Homes 2017

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Two Tipp homes are finalists in Ireland's Most Christmassy Homes 2017

The home of Mikey Butler, Emly

Two Tipperary homes are overflowing with Christmas spirit – and sparkly lights!

Now one of them could be crowned Ireland’s Most Christmassy Home!

The Butler family from Emly and the Power family from Cloneen are among the Top 20 finalists in Energia’s Ireland’s Most Christmassy Home 2017 competition.

It’s now time to get behind them to help them win!

The national competition to find the best decorated home in Ireland at Christmas time has just entered its final week. Since the competition officially started on Friday 1st December, entries were received from across Ireland.  From all the entries, Energia has chosen the Top 20 based on decoration design, use of space, festive spirit and wow factor.

The public are now being asked to choose Ireland’s Most Christmassy Home 2017 by casting their vote on Energia’s Facebook page  before 10am on Friday, 15th December. Energia will then declare the winner.

This year’s fantastic prizes are donations of €3,000, €2,000 and €1,000 respectively to the charity of choice of the first, second and third placed houses following the public vote. 

Below: The home of Alyson Power, Cloneen

Christmas lights

See a Christmas lights display for charity in Kilvemnon!

Based on the entries so far, the top Christmas lighting trends for 2017 are:

1.      Santa v Snowmen – these classic Christmas characters are battling it out for the title of most popular outdoor decoration in Ireland. While Santa has driven into a lead, it will be “snow” problem for Frosty and co to catch up by the weekend.    

2.      Bling is back – the good times are most definitely back for outdoor Christmas lights displays. This year we’re seeing bigger and brighter displays at homes around Ireland. Thankfully, if householders use LED lights and Energia’s 100% green electricity, your Christmas lights can be energy efficient and have a reduced carbon footprint. 

3.      Edging lights for roof, windows and doors – a particular trend we’re seeing this year is lights on the roofs, windows and doors of houses that are being decorated. We’re seeing a wide variety of styles including solar-powered rope lights, solar-powered string lights and curtain-effect lights.

4.      Nativity scenes are re-born – more and more Irish homes are featuring nativity scenes in their outdoor Christmas light displays. We’re seeing a wide mix of lights and inflatable cribs and characters so far in 2017.


Live Crib in Tipperary this Christmas!

Amy O’Shaughnessy, Marketing Acquisitions and Sponsorship Manager, Energia commented “We’ve been really impressed with the standard of the entries into this year’s competition and it was tough choosing our Top 20. The public has until 10am on Friday morning to choose Ireland’s Most Christmassy Home 2017. Don’t forget, all of the prize money from this year’s competition will be donated to the local charities of choice of the winning homes.”


“Energia is delighted to be helping householders make the smart choice of using our 100% green home energy to light up their homes and raise money for charity.”