Tipperary landowners are responsible for roadside trees – there is no ambiguity say council officials

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



WEATHER ALERT: Trees down across Longford as Storm Eleanor hits

Roadside trees can cause major havoc if they come down and prevent traffic from passing.

Moves are underway to ensure that vulnerable roadside trees are dealt with before the next major storm

A call has been made for Tipperary County Council to lead the way in bringing agencies together to ensure roadside trees are properly maintained in a bid to save lives before the next major storm arrives.
Members of Tipperary County Council discussed the matter, as a result of a number of Notices of Motions being tabled, and proposed that all relevant agencies, including the IFA and  ICMSA attend a meeting to put a plan in place.
The council agreed to proceed to organise  a meeting to discuss the issue  now rather than wait for the next storm event to take place.

Director of Services, Mr Marcus O'Connor.

In response to motions tabled by members concerning roadside trees, Director of Services Marcus O Connor said there was absolutely no ambiguity as to who was responsible for the maintenance of roadside trees.
He told the members that landowners were responsible  and the onus  was on them to inspect and maintain  their roadside trees hedgerows to ensure that they are in a safe condition.