Another dead horse found in Clonmel field

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey


Another dead horse found in Clonmel field

Another dead horse has been found in a Clonmel field this morning causing huge distress in the Glenconor Heights area which overlooks the site.

Gardai  and Tipperary County Council were alerted this morning to the whereabouts of  the stricken animal in another distressing incident of animal cruelty in the town.

Abandoned and rotting bodies of at least three horses  were  discovered on land in Knocklofty, near Clonmel prior to Christmas and a further  further 14 mares and foals  standing by the corpses of their herd were removed by the authorities to the Cork Horse Pound.Grim discoveries of abandoned dead horses at Suir Island and near the Questum centre on the Clonmel by pass followed and investigations into the animal cruelty were  launched by the Gardai and the Department of Agriculture.

The latest discovery has caused huge upset among residents of Glenconnor Heights.

“I watched that horse dying all day Thursday in the snow, I phoned all the authorities and animal groups  and I looked out this morning and the poor animal was dead” said an upset resident.

“People in this estate are watching horses die in this field on a regular basis.It is just heartbreaking and we have to stop our children looking out our windows” said the person who alerted the gardai on Friday morning.

The “back field” is located adjacent to the Glenconor Heights housing estate  and Tipperary County Council has permission to build social housing scheme in the field and work is scheduled to begin later this year.

“We do our best to give apples  and celery to the horses.They are absolutely starving, all the ivy is gone off the old wall on the field because they have nothing else to eat.We are looking at horses dying in that field for the last six years It is absolutely disgusting what is going on.When it is going to stop,?” asked the resident.