Dead horse found in Cahir hours after call made for horse warden in Tipperary

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey


Dead horse found in Cahir hours after call made for horse warden in Tipperary

rotting and decomposed horses in Knocklofty, Suir Island and Glenconnor in the Clonmel area in recent months

Another case of horrific horse cruelty  was discovered in Cahir hours after demands were made for a full time horse warden to be appointed  for County Tipperary.

On Monday afternoon Tipperary county councillors  called on the Department of Agriculture to appoint a horse warden for the county.

Hours later the  carcass of a dead horse was discovered in a field  outside Cahir along with eight other horses which were in a poor condition.

The grim discovery in a field near a meat factory in Cahir  intensifies  the  pressure on the Department of Agriculture  to appoint a designated horse warden for County Tipperary.

The latest case of cruelty  in Cahir follows   the discovery of  the bodies of rotting and decomposed  horses in Knocklofty, Suir Island and Glenconnor  in the Clonmel area.

Clonmel Mayor Catherine Carey, who visited the scene in Cahir on Tuesday morning, said she was sickened by the sight she witnessed.

“It was just awful. Horses are just being left to rot in the fields” she said.

The “barbaric acts” of cruelty which caused a public outcry  were condemned by  members of Tipperary County Council on Monday as they called on the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine to appoint a horse warden.

The council  meeting in Clonmel was  told that public meetings  and  protest marches to highlight cruelty to horses would take place in Clonmel.

Council members were told  that meetings between an  inter agency group consisting of the County  Council,  gardai and Department of Agriculture have been stepped up and now meet on a fortnightly  basis. 

An inspection process of  150 council sites around the county is underway to check for  abandoned horses left illegally on council property   and in some cases horses have been moved off council property to the pound.

The shocking cases of cruelty  to horses were recalled by members who demanded action be taken to counter the growing problem of  cruelty to horses in Tipperary.

Motions calling for a horse warden tabled by councillors Pat English and Catherine Carey were passed by the council.