Visiting restrictions in place at South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady


Strict visitor restrictions are now in place

Strict visitor restrictions are now in place at South Tipperary General Hospital until Monday 19th February due to the outbreak of influenza in the hospital. STGH regrets any inconvenience caused to patients and relatives by these necessary measures, which are being taken in the interests of patient care.


In the interest of patient care and in order to restrict the spread of the flu virus within the hospital, it is necessary to ban visitors to South Tipperary General Hospital (STGH).


Strictly no children are allowed visit the hospital. Visiting to all wards at South Tipperary General Hospital is prohibited, apart from exceptional circumstances, which includes critical care patients, maternity/gynae visiting is restricted to partners/designated person only, and parents/guardians will only be permitted to Children’s Ward. Where appropriate, mobile phone contact between families should be considered as an alternative to visiting. 


Cancer Services, Emergency Services and Outpatient Services will continue as normal. Patients coming to Outpatient Services (Clinics) are requested to bring their appointment letter with them. The situation is being kept under daily review. 


All infection control measures are in place and every effort is being made to manage and contain the spread of the flu virus.


People with flu like symptoms are advised to contact their GP by phone in the first instance and avoid presenting at the Emergency Department at STGH.


We are asking people to think about all their care and treatment options and keep ED services for the patients who need them most. Others with a less serious illness can be treated by their GP or out of hours GP service where their GP can refer them to an Assessment Unit the following day if required.