Thurles District Court hears of 'drunken escapade' in Urlingford

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Thurles District Court hears of 'drunken escapade' in Urlingford

Two Urlingford men who went on a “drunken escapade” by breaking into the local Community Centre, were ordered to complete Probation Reports at Thurles District Court.

Karl Waugh, of The Wall House, Kilcooley, Urlingford, and Shane McGarry, of 2 Riverside Park, Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny, were both charged with entering the Community Center on the Mill Road, Urlingford, on April 20, 2017, as trespassers to commit arrestable offences.

Judge Elizabeth MacGrath heard that both men were pleading guilty.

Sgt. Andrew Lyons said the men entered by the front door while intoxicated, and took a number of items including two ladders, fire extinguishers, toys, candlesticks, and saucers, some of which were put behind nearby walls. Two wheelie bins were taken, one wheelie bin was burned out near a Graveyard, the other wheelie bin was filled with items including fire blankets, and saucers, and pulled up the Main Street to 2 Riverside Park.

Later, the bin was taken to a neighbouring field and at around 7.45am it was returned back across the field to Riverside. Some 30 minutes later the co-accused left the house and went down the Main Street to Ely’s filling station. CCTV was used to capture the incidents.

Solicitor David Doyle said his client, Mr McGarry, is 23 years old, but was 22 at the time. “It was a joint enterprise.” It was a serious matter to break into the Centre, and McGarry has since apologised to the caretaker. “Some items were damaged by fire,” said Mr Doyle. McGarry is completing an engineering course, and hopes to be a mechanical engineer. “He has suffered from depression and anxiety.” McGarry was on medication at the time, and this was mixed with drink. “He has no memory of what happened. He accepts he did what he did. He does not have a clear rationale why he did it,” said Mr Doyle.

Judge MacGrath noted that McGarry has no previous convictions, but the issue of compensation needs to be addressed. McGarry’s case was adjourned to May 22 for a Probation Report, and for details of compensation.

Karl Waugh has 10 previous convictions, including for dangerous driving, arson, and public order matters. Mr Waugh (29) did engage in an act of “stupidity” said Solicitor Brian Hughes. “He did not gain anything. It was a drunken escapade. He did make full admissions.” It was four years since Waugh’s last offences. “He was keeping his head down. This was a relapse,” said Mr Hughes. “He does recognise the damage he caused.”

Waugh is willing to pay his fair share of compensation. Judge MacGrath noted Mr Waugh’s previous arson offence “10 years ago” and adjourned the matter to May 22 for a Probation Report.