Tipperary Transition Year students visit Lourdes

Tipperary Transition Year students visit Lourdes

Katelyn Reilly and Maria Hayes (with a friend) at a candle light procession in Lourdes.


On April 1, Easter Sunday,  Katelyn Reilly and myself (Maria Hayes) travelled to Lourdes with Group 203 with The Irish Pilgrimage Trust and we returned home on April 7.

As part of our Transition Year Programme, Katelyn and myself wanted to do something totally out of our comfort zones. This was most certainly a brilliant opportunity for us to go and help some children in need and also to make lifelong friends. I can easily say that we have achieved both of those things. 

The week in Lourdes could only be described as magical, there is something about the place, atmosphere and people there that make it a special place. The masses were long but were not drawn out because there was so many songs to keep everyone entertained.

Everything was done for the guests. For example, one priest wore a green, white and orange Mohawk wig all week long, even during masses. It was people like this that made the week feel magical as you got to see the child come out in everyone.

I can go on and on about my experience in Lourdes but I can still not explain the feeling there. It must be experienced in person for one to truly understand the magic in Lourdes.

Written by Maria Hayes (Transition Year)