ICMSA's Tipperary president welcomes Glanbia's €30m Lisheen development

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



ICMSA's Tipperary president welcomes Glanbia's €30m Lisheen development

ICMSA president Pat McCormack

The president of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, who himself farms at Greenane, has welcomed the announcement by Glanbia to develop a €30m bioeconomy research project at Lisheen.

Details of the proposal, which will be funded through the EU, were made public last Thursday and will explore the conversion of waste by-products from the dairy industry into bio-based products.

Anything that brought sustainable and environmentally sensitive development to Tipperary would always have his support, both as a farmer leader and as a Tipperary man, said Mr McCormack.

“All of us in Tipperary ICMSA will look forward to this bio-economy research project being developed and kicking in to our vibrant, skilled and technically progressive local farming and bio-energy sector,” he said.

Mr McCormack pointed out that some of the most go-ahead’farmers in the country wer in Tipperary and if they were convinced of the benefits and commercial value of these types of projects then they would get behind them 100 per cent.

“Tipperary's biggest business is food production and anything that adds value to that is a plus for the county and all its inhabitants.

“Well done to all concerned and we’ll work with Glanbia where we can and for the benefit of the family farms we represent,” said the ICMSA president.