Clonmel woman Karn Cliffe graduates as Doctor of Midwifery from Stirling University

Clonmel woman Karn Cliffe graduates in midwifery from Sterling University

Karn Cliffe who has graduated from the University of Stirling.

Clonmel student Karn Cliffe joined more than 2,150 graduates celebrating their achievements at the University of Stirling’s summer graduation ceremonies in June (27-28).

Karn, who graduated with a Doctor of Midwifery, has spent more than two decades working as a nurse and midwife in London, Wales, Australia and her native Ireland – achieving multiple degrees in the process.

Among these was a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, allowing her to work as a midwifery lecturer. However, she decided she wanted to remain in clinical practice while carrying out research.

“The natural progression was to undertake a Clinical Doctorate,” she said. “I had explored a number of options in the UK, but on the day of my interview in Stirling, I just knew I wanted to study there. The campus was beautiful, but it was more the atmosphere that drew me.”

After spending seven years undertaking research at Stirling, Karn, who now lives in Leinster, said: “I appreciated the relaxed and supportive atmosphere in class from lecturers and classmates. My supervisors, Dr Ashley Shepherd and Professor Helen Cheyne provided excellent support throughout the seven years.”

Karn is currently working as Assistant Director of Nursing and Midwifery with the Irish National Sepsis Programme – a role she had to juggle with her studies.

“I changed jobs two and a half years ago, so I took some time out to concentrate on my new role,” she said. “The University enabled this by not putting pressure on me and I received great support from my supervisors, manager and family.”

The class of 2018 will join a budding alumni community of more than 85,000 located in 170 countries around the world.