Tipperary union members hit out at proposed 'Granny Grant'

Tipperary union members hit out at proposed 'Granny Grant'

SIPTU says 'Granny Grant' is poorly thought out.


 SIPTU members working as Early Years Educators in Tipperary have expressed dissatisfaction with the Independent Alliance’s proposed “Granny Grant”.

Early Years educators say they  are incredulous that this “poorly thought out initiative” from Minister Ross is diverting attention from the real issues facing the Early Years Sector. 

According to SIptu Organisers working with SIPTU’s BIG START campaign in Tipperary, Margaret Young, Arek Muszynski and Pat McCabe. “The proposed Granny Grant shows us that the Government doesn't understand the problems we are facing in childcare nor do they have any solutions. 

“Many families have no choice but to rely on grandparents to provide childcare. This does not address the issue. 

“We need increased funding to make childcare affordable and to ensure those working in the sector get a decent wage. 

“High Staff turnover and limited career opportunities lead to poor outcomes from Children, Parents and Child Care and Early Education workers and providers. 

“A Gimmick is no replacement for long term investment in this vital sector to bring Ireland into line with European best practice. 

“Lack of investment by government has left parents with the second highest childcare fees in the OECD. It’s time to address low pay and job security as highly qualified staff are leaving the sector, with a 29% staff turnover. 

“Providers are struggling to stay open due to higher running cost, admin overload and most importantly staffing shortages.