Culture night in Roscrea Damer House Gallery with portrait painting workshop

Portrait Drawing - Painting workshop led by Patricia Hurl & Therry Rudin

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Culture night in Roscrea Damer House Gallery with portrait painting workshop

Grant Woods ‘Woman with Plant’

Art afficionados are in for a treat later this month when Roscrea Damer Gallery hosts a special workshop aimed at revising your painting skills.

Entitled 'The Artist and the Model (Getting back to work!)', this workshop is a a Portrait - Drawing/Painting workshop led by Patricia Hurl and Therry Rudin, aimed at brushing up on your skills.

Drawing and painting from a model - another person, is as much about the artist as it is the sitter. As you proceed you begin to understand collaborative nature of the process.

An artist’s gaze and the effect of making marks whilst searching can penetrate, preventing superficial clichéd ‘picture’ making.

The process entails throwing caution to the wind and letting your materials do their work. All your old strengths will return after trial and error.

A drawing or painting suffers from anxiety and overwork. This is why we love the work of children, done with conviction and assurance. We artists are like spiders who makes webs by nature, all we have to do is trust ourselves.

At the end you will see your battle with materials and will, hopefully, have the desire to continue to explore this amazing process.

This Culture Night workshop takes place on 21nd September, in Damer House Gallery Heritage Centre and Castle Roscrea, from 6pm to 9pm.

To make a reservation contact, or phone 0872065111