Sky Innovation Park confirmed for Tipperary town

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Sky Innovation Park confirmed for Tipperary town

Emma Pillion, Property Director with Corajio Trading, and TD Alan Kelly on the site of the new innovation park in Tipperary town.

Following a number of meetings in recent weeks, it has now been confirmed that Sky Innovation Park in Tipperary Town has been put on the IDA’s Property Portfolio. This will mean that this site is a premium site for the IDA to market and get investment into Tipperary Town. This is an incredible site of nearly 4 acres with a building of over 80,000 square feet and car parking for 300 cars.

This follows over a year and a half of work on changing the former retail site into an industrial/innovation site to attract inward investment.

This included the following:

1. Changing the planning status of the site. 
2. Creating a new display unit for visitors.
3. The creation of 3D imaging of what the site will look like.
4. Production of detailed site specification and marketing material.
5. Site clean up and erecting of signage.
6. Refit of the building.
7. Purchase of alternative storage facility for site owners.

Over the last year and a half, Corajio the owners of the site have worked with state agencies such as the IDA as well as Tipperary Co Co, Invest Tipperary and Tipperary Town Chamber of Commerce. There has been a huge amount of work and the costs of the work have been born exclusively by the owners of the site.

Deputy Alan Kelly who originally asked Corajio to create the Sky Innovation Park said:

‘Following meetings last week with the IDA, Tipperary Co Co and Tipperary Chamber, we can now confirm that Sky Innovation Park is being marketed as a live site to all potential foreign direct companies looking to invest in Ireland. Tipperary Town needs new industries but in order to deliver them it also needs an attractive site and I was determined to deliver one. Sky Innovation Park is it and I want to thank Corajio for the volume of work they have done to get it to this stage and also for the significant financial investment that they have put into the site. I now look forward to the IDA working with their partners to market this site and bring a significant industry to the town’.

Emma Pillion of Corajio said ‘we are delighted with this news. Following the approach by Deputy Kelly, we decided that the site was what Tipperary Town needed from an investment perspective. We changed it’s planning status from retail to innovation and have since invested significant sums in bringing the building up to IDA standards. We purchased an alternative warehouse for our company stock and we have produced all the necessary fit outs required to make the building ready for a potential investor or investors to come in very quickly. We are delighted to have reached this significant milestone and would like to thank Deputy Kelly, the IDA, Invest Tipperary, Tipperary Co Co and Tipperary Chamber for their unwavering support’.

Shane Kelly, president of Tipperary Town Chamber said ‘the Chamber are delighted with this news. We have been working with Corajio for some time and will do everything we can to support them and Deputy Kelly in pushing Sky Innovation Park. This is an incredible site that holds the key to future inward investment in our town. I’d like to acknowledge the time, effort and investment made to bring this project to this stage. It took a significant amount of foresight and imagination. We also know that Corajio will work with the Chamber and Tipperary Co Co to develop the Inner Relief Road through the town which is so badly needed’.