Weight loss transforms the life of Cashel woman Pamela O'Shea

Eamonn Wynne


Eamonn Wynne



Pamela O'Shea

Pamela O'Shea from Ballyknock, Cashel, whose weight loss of 10 stones and 6 pounds earned her a place in the Unislim Slimmer of the Year national final, held at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin

A Cashel woman who has shed more than 10 stones in the last six years has described her weight loss as "life-changing".

Her weight loss saw Pamela O'Shea from Ballyknock, Cashel, chosen for the Unislim Slimmer of the Year national final, held at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin.

"I am delighted, there's a great sense of achievement in losing so much weight", says Pamela.

"I did it for myself first and foremost, and reaching the national final was a bonus. My weight loss journey has been for myself and that has always been my focus the whole way through", she says. 

39 year-old Pamela has lost a total of 10 stone and 6 pounds in the last six years, since joining her local Unislim class in December 2012, describing it as one of the best decisions she has made in her life so far.

"When you make a decision to join a class you're only at the start of the journey. My weight loss was a process, it didn't happen overnight".

Pamela says that there's "no magic cure" and it boils down to what she describes as "basic common sense".

"By eating healthily and moving a bit more the weight will come off",  she says.

Pamela has travelled a long road since deciding to join Unislim.

"At 33, I was actually morbidly obese. I got a little dog, Frankie, and couldn’t walk him for more than a few minutes without being out of breath. So that was a kind of wake-up call.

"I now love exercise. I walk and run for an hour a few mornings a week, it’s a really uplifting start to the day". 

“I used to be a picker. I’d get home from work at 6pm and wonder what to cook for my dinner and start eating biscuits. My biggest issue was crisps and biscuits. Now, I still enjoy a packet of crisps or a biscuit with my cup of tea, just in moderation”.

She has been transformed by her weight loss. As well as looking and feeling better, she now has a better outlook on life.

Having previously worked as the transport manager of the family business, she started her own business as a holistic therapist three years ago, setting up The Tranquility Room at her home.

"I wouldn't have had the energy or confidence to do that six years ago", says Pamela.

She was won one of ten finalists chosen from people who attend Unislim classes around the country.

At the final, she was delighted to meet other inspirational women who had their own stories to tell.

The overall winner was Julie Fitzpatrick from Portlaoise, who lost almost 17 stones since January 2016.