St Patrick's Cashel hospital redevelopment to open in 2022

'Incredibly disappointing' - Jackie Cahill TD

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


St Patrick's Cashel hospital redevelopment to open in 2022

St Patrick's Hospital in Cashel, Co. Tipperary

FF TD Jackie Cahill has said that the delivery of a redeveloped St. Patrick’s Hospital in Cashel is as far away as ever with confirmation from the government that statutory applications, including planning permission, will only be made after March 2019.

“This is incredibly disappointing as the estimated date for completion of the redevelopment is now 2022.

“This is a best case scenario in the event of all things, including planning approval, going to plan. We all know that projects such as these rarely stick to the original timeframe, and there can be many obstacles that cause delays in terms of delivery. The tardiness with regard to this project underlines the consistent failure of the Government to provide the care older people in our county need to live independent lives.

“I was recently contacted by the family of a lady in Mid-Tipperary who has been in hospital for 14 weeks awaiting a step-down bed.

“This lady staying in hospital would be much better off in a facility designed with her needs in mind. It’s symptomatic of how this government fails to supports older people.

“The delays in getting St. Patrick’s developed, and the failure to make better use of the excellent facilities in Our Lady’s in Cashel underline that new thinking is needed in the health system.

Ensuring we have enough step-down facilities for our aging population is critical. They do not need to be in an acute hospital setting, yet that is where many older people end up being for weeks and months due to a lack of beds and home care support. It is bad health policy and it is bad financial planning as it costs the State considerably more to keep a person in hospital than in their home,” said Mr Cahill.