Officials deny Templemore is a “forgotten town”


The suggestion has been flatly rejected

A suggestion that Templemore has been forgotten by officials of the Municipal District Council has been flatly rejected at a meeting of the local authority this week.

Lowry Team councillor Eddie Moran was bringing a list of works which need to be undertaken to the officials at the November meeting, when he informed members that a recent public meeting in the town expressed real frustration at the lack of attention the town is getting.

“The whole tone of the meeting was that since the town councils were disbanded, Templemore is a forgotten town. Each speaker after the next referred to it,” Cllr Moran said.

However, the suggestion was flatly rejected by Area Manager, Mr Matt Shortt who said that the local authority had engaged in a lot of work in Templemore over the last number of months and there are further plans for the coming months as well.

Mr Shortt said: “It is not at all fair to say that Templemore has been forgotten by this council. We have undertaken a lot of work in the town in recent times and there is much more to come with great progress having been made, with the proposed works for the Town Hall being a standout project,” he said.

The Manager added that the Town Park had been upgraded, the lake tended to, a new garden installed and a long term plan earmarked for it. Also, new Christmas lighting is being provided this year to make the town attractive over the festive season and there is ongoing works around the graveyard and the car park.

“It's just not right to say that we have forgotten the town and I would challenge anyone on that,” Mr Shortt said, adding that the maintenance budgets for the town have not changed since before the amalgamation of north and south Tipperary County Councils.

Cllr Moran said that he was not making up the comments he referred to and added that there is a lot of frustration in Templemore at the present time.

Cllr Moran had asked for the older local authority housing stock in the town to be upgraded to an acceptable level with window and door replacements, prior to the introduction of the new tenants handbook. He also called for no dumping signs to be erected at Borrisoleigh and Templemore graveyards and said that these had been requested some three years ago.

“Surely, it doesn't take that long to get them -they'll be put up by the committees - they only want the signs,” he said.