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Silvermines mining past features at Nenagh historical society talk

Mogul mine was once biggest zinc / lead operation

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Silvermines mining past features at Nenagh historical society talk

Leaving the Mogul mine in Silvermines

The history and legacy of the Mogul mine in Suilvermines will be discussed at this Monday's, January 14, talk at Nenagh Ormond Historical Society in Nenagh.

The speaker, Denis Gleeson of Silvermines Historical Society, will talk on The Mogul Mine at Silvermines 1962-1982.

Prospecting for ore recommenced in the Silvermines in 1962 and this culminated with the official opening of the Mogul mine in 1968.

Over the following 14 years, extensive mining operations continued in Silvermines - at one stage it was the largest lead / zinc mine in Europe.

During its period of operation, several hundred people were employed there and the resulting wage packets were a vital factor in sustaining economic growth in the Nenagh area.

In addition, the mining operation attracted workers and their families from all over Ireland and further afield, which, in turn, added to the social fabric of the area.

Denis Gleeson experienced this at first hand working in the mine and has compiled a fascinating history of the mining operations and its impact on the locality.

This is an opportunity to enjoy a glance back at the days when Silvermines was the El Dorado of Ireland.

The talk takes place in the Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh, at 8pm.