Four year old Tipperary girl awaiting heart transplant to benefit from memorial concert for late Rebecca Neill

Holly in hospital for last 22 months

Michael Heverin


Michael Heverin

Four year old Tipperary girl awaiting heart transplant to benefit from memorial concert for late Rebecca Neill

Brave little Holly has been in Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children for the last 22 months awaiting a heart transplant

A Clonmel woman who died tragicially before Christmas is continuing to help others weeks after her death.

Rebecca Neill has already helped  to keep four people alive through organ donations.

 And now a special event in her memory will aid the family of a four  year old Clonmel girl awaiting a heart transplant in a Dublin hospital.

Brave Holly Carroll has been in Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin for the past twenty two months as she battles a serious heart complaint, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

She needs a heart transplant and is too sick to leave hospital until a donor is found.

Holly and her mother Jessica O'Mahoney have lived in a single room in the hospital for nearly two years as they await the transplant.

Holly got out for a few  hours on Christmas Day but other than that is confined to the ward in case she picks up infections.

Now a memorial concert in her home town will help the family cope with the ordeal and expense of being away from home for so long.

Family and friends of Rebecca Neill are organising a memorial concert in her memory in the White Memorial Theatre with the proceeds going to Holly's family.

Rebecca was a wonderful dancer, teaching with Adrenaline dance group in Clonmel before starting her own dance troupe, Dance Revolution, in the town before she moved to England to start a new career.

Now her family, friends and former dancing colleagues in the town are putting on a special memorial concert.

It takes place in the White Memorial Theatre on Wednesday, February 20.

A wonderful line-up of talent is certain to attract a huge attendance.

Among those taking part are singer Majella Corrigan, On Your Toes Dance Academy, Bellvue Academy of Performing Arts, members of Rebecca's Dance Revolution dance group who are working on a special performance for the night including solo performance from Evan Murphy;  The Elle Academy of Dance, St. Mary's Choral Societ, Alison Cronin  and Spectrum Dance Events. 

Tickets are on sale now at Marians Bookstore. The show starts at 8pm.

Among those behind the concert are Rebecca's uncle, Patric Neill, and her friend  Deirdre Dempsey.

 They describe the fundraiser as a perfect way to honour Rebecca's memory and at the same time help another family from the town.

“Rebecca has already helped to save four lives through organ donation since her death and now can help save a fifth with this event for Holly”, says Patric.

Deirdre adds that the concert is a great way to remember one of our own and helping one of our own.

They thank St. Marys Choral Society for allowing them to use the theatre, Sureprint for sponsoring the tickets and Marians Bookstore where the tickets can be purchased and everyone behind the scenes doing so much

Reb ecca's friends have no doubt but that she would have been truly supportive  of the memorial concert in her name helping someone else who needed it.

  Said her friend and former dance teacher Liz Norris at the time of her death - 

“Rebecca was always somebody who wanted to help others. “She suffered her own grief a few years ago with the death of her mother and she was fantastic to look after her brothers.

Holly's mother Jessica also knew Rebecca and remembers her fondly.

She said how special it is that the concert will remember Rebecca and also help Holly in her battle with illness. 

She paid tribute to everyone involved in organising the event and said how grateful the entire family is.