Model of Clonmel's oldest building presented to St. Mary's Church of Ireland

Model of St. Mary's Church of Ireland

Chris Collins (centre) presented a model of Old St. Mary’s Church, Clonmel to Canon Barbara Fryday and George Hogg - Picture: John D. Kelly

Chris Collins recently presented a model of Old St. Mary’s church in Clonmel that he made from wood to the church.

The Mary Street church is the town’s oldest building. The first mention of the church, and also the first reference to any building in Clonmel, is in a letter by a Cistercian abbott who preached there on August 27 1228.

The best preserved remains of the town walls, which were established in 1298, are on two sides of the churchyard.

Councils of Ireland met there in 1381 and 1388 and the parish of Clonmel is mentioned in the letters of eight popes, from Gregory XI in 1364 to Clement VII in 1529.

In January 1539 the Archbishop of Dublin preached there to a congregation that included the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, two other archbishops and eight bishops. 

Afterwards all swore an oath of allegiance to King Henry VIII instead of the Pope, as supreme head on earth of the church in Ireland.  

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