June update for Cashel radio station

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


June update for Cashel radio station

Cashel radio listeners will have to wait until the end of June for an update on re-establishing a radio station to serve the town, a former Town Councillor has learned.

Former Cllr Tom Wood wrote to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) concerning Cashel radio station, which had been discontinued while repairs and refurbishments were carried out on its base in Halla na Féile in Canopy Street.

Mr Wood, who has raised the issue repeatedly at municipal district level, wrote to Elizabeth Farrelly of the BAI.

“It’s over five years since the Cashel Radio Studio closed so as to facilitate the renovation of Halla na Feile, Cashel, its location,” stated Mr Wood.

“I understand that the license granted to Tipp Mid West Radio states that a studio should be operating in Cashel.

“Whenever enquiries are made I am informed that the management of Tipp Mid West are in the process of securing a lease on a property in Cashel to facilitate its re-establishment.

“With no progress evident, concerned people in Cashel fear that it will never materialise.

“The loss of the Cashel studio has been a loss to many listeners in our area and also to those people, especially the youth, who would be on air if the studio was here.

“The quality of programmers from Cashel, a heritage town with in excess of 350,000 visitors to the Rock of Cashel annually, was always recognised and we wish to see the studio re-opened without further delay and I would greatly value if you could investigate the matter.”

Ms Farrelly responded to Mr Wood: “I refer to your query regarding the proposed studios in Cashel as part of the community radio sound broadcasting contract held by Tipperary Mid West Radio Co-operative Society Limited.

“Please note that the BAI is liaising with Tipp Mid West Radio on this matter, and has recently requested an update regarding progress on the Cashel studios, including the next steps and timelines involved. We anticipate an update on the matter by the end of June,” added Ms Farrelly.