TipperaryLive sets records as one of the top regional news websites





TipperaryLive sets records as one of the top regional news websites has cemented its status as the premier destination for breaking news, sport and entertainment in the Premier County following a hugely successful year where it welcomed four million readers in just 12 months.

One year on from its launch in November 2018, has been a ground-breaking news portal for the entire county of Tipperary covering all aspects of Tipperary life.  News, community news, courts and much more are all part of the offering in the website catering for all of the Premier County. 

Exclusive showbiz stories, top sports reporting and excellent election 2018 coverage all combined to help reach a staggering 13 million page views - an amazing achievement from the news desks of two of the best known local newspapers in the county, the Tipperary Star and The Nationalist. 

Among the stories that piqued the interest of our readers was the unveiling of Teneo as the new sponsor of Tipperary hurlers, a breakdown of penalty points offences in Ireland and world class reporting from the local elections in May.

Figures also revealed that the people of Tipperary just can't get enough of property stories, and Dermot Bannon, with the famous architect appearing is two of our most read articles in the last year. 

Finally, would like to thank all our loyal readers for making us one of the top regional news websites in the entire country.