Tipperary talk will ask should philosophers rule the world


Tipperary talk will ask should philosophers rule the world

Talk will take place in the Tipperary Museum of Hidden History in Clonmel

A talk in Clonmel will ask should philosophers rule the world.

It takes place in the Tipperary Museum of Hidden History, in association with  Clonmel Philosophy Group on  Saturday, February 22 at 10.30am. Adm: €10

Bookings: 07 61 06 5254

Among the speakers is Dr Brian Carey, a  Clonmel native and a teaching fellow in the department of Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin.

His research focuses on issues in contemporary moral and political philosophy, and on the connection (or lack thereof) between philosophical theory and practice. 


Should philosophers rule the world? As with many philosophical questions, the answer may seem obvious, but justifying that answer turns out to be trickier than you might imagine.

Politics is a complex process that requires special expertise if we are to be governed fairly and effectively. At the same time, we want our political representatives to be answerable to the public they represent.

This talk explores the relationship between expertise and accountability in a democratic society from a principled and pragmatic perspective. In doing so, we will consider the role of the ideal public representative – should they be guided by their own sense of morality or by the wishes of their constituents?

Could it ever be acceptable for a politician to lie to the public? Perhaps most importantly, if there is special expertise associated with being a good politician, how can voters recognize it when we see it?