Do you know there are over 2,000 public parking spaces available in Tipperary's largest town?

Clonmel has 167 free parking spaces all day, every day

Eamonn Wynne


Eamonn Wynne


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Clonmel has over 2,200 public parking spaces, between on and off street.

167 of these are completely free to park in all day, any day (at Suirside car park), while 220 spaces have 30 minutes free parking at any time.

More than 600 spaces within a two-three minute walk of the town centre may be parked in on any day for between €1 and €3.50.

These figures were relayed to council members by District Administrator Michael Moroney at a meeting of Clonmel Borough District.  

He said many of the remaining spaces, either adjacent to or within easy walking distance of the town centre, came with 30 minutes free parking with the purchase of one-hour parking.

“The car parking infrastructure currently available (and which continues to be enhanced) in the town ensures that the town centre is well set up not just to accommodate any additional retail growth/increase in shopping trips, but also puts the town in a position to undertake significant urban realm improvement works”, said Mr. Moroney.

“There is adequate and accessible parking capacity within Clonmel town centre across all user types – short, medium and all-day/long-term, and all of which are price and user-sensitive.

“From surveys undertaken in 2019, the maximum observed occupancy of individual car parks was in the range 37%-100%. 

“At this rate of occupancy, more than 200 parking spaces are available at any time in the car parks serving the town”, he added. 

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