Water infrastructure upgrade works on way for Cashel communities blighted by water outages

But Cllr Declan Burgess says it's not enough as multi-million euro investment is needed

Aileen Hahesy


Aileen Hahesy

Water infrastructure upgrade works on way for Cashel communities blighted by water outages

Residents in the Boscabell area of Cashel have endured water supply outages for years but Irish Water has received some funding to upgrade local water infrastructure to help reduce the number of outages. 

Public representatives and residents from Cashel were informed of the upcoming upgrade works when they met with Irish Water recently to highlight residents’ frustration at the regular water outages and to lobby for more investment in the water infrastructure serving the neighbourhood. 

Cllr Declan Burgess, one of the councillors who attended the meeting, has welcomed the investment but pointed out that it won’t be enough to solve the water supply issues in the Boscabell area. 

He said a major multi-million euro investment in replacing the old watermains and upgrading local pumping stations was required. 

Boscabell resident Siobhán McGeer said water outages have been a problem for her family and neighbours since she moved to the area 22 years ago. 

The latest water outage to hit her home was last Friday and before that her home was without water for nearly three days in July.  

She says they could  between four and six water supply outages a year and  once the supply is restored it takes some time for the water pressure to be fully restored. 

Siobhán lives a few minutes away from the Hannon family (above) and remembers well the hardship and inconvenience the water outages caused when her own children were young. 

She said it was very difficult to get through to Irish Water when an outage happens and residents get the help of Cllr Declan Burgess to highlight their water supply problems with the utility.


Irish Water said the Boscabell area is supplied from the Killinure-Dualla water network and it was aware a number of customers located at higher elevations or at the extremities of this network have experienced regular disruption to their water supply. 

The utility pointed out funding has been awarded as part of a national stimulus package to carry out additional upgrade works on the local water network. 

“This will include the rehabilitation and reinstatement of the borehole and reservoir in Dualla which is currently decommissioned for safety reasons,” an Irish Water spokesman explained. 

“These works are expected to be complete before the end of the year. It is hoped that this will increase the resilience of the local water network and provide customers with a more secure and reliable supply.”

He said Irish Water  regretted the inconvenience caused by this issue, which was associated with the age and poor condition of the water network. 

“We are working with our partners in Tipperary County Council to address the issue by finding and fixing leaks in the network. 

“Reducing the amount of water lost to leaks will allow us to increase the flow of water to these areas and should alleviate problems with low pressure and supply outages.”